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SPRING 2014 - “Start Your Own Ag-Business” Workshop Series
Sponsored by Greater Lansing Area Development
Location – Lansing Tech (Lansing Town Hall)
Instructor – Lisa Redman
Starting on March 22nd, this four-part workshop series is designed for community members who are interested in starting or expanding an agricultural based business (for-profit or non-profit). Ag-entrepreneurs produce food and ...drink – raw or value-added, fibers – sunflower hulls to fiberboard for building, energy – bio-fuels and renewable energy from alternative sources like wind, solar, and micro-hydro, and fun – farmers markets to produce stands to corn mazes!
The series, led by local farmer and planning consultant, Lisa Redman, and hosted by the Greater Lansing Area Development (GLAD) Committee, uses the NC REAL Agricultural Entrepreneurship Curriculum, an experiential learning model that teaches entrepreneurship through hands-on activities. Students will develop their business idea, gain knowledge and skills on marketing, operations, and financials, and will leave the course with a business plan to help jump-start their path to small business ownership. The final workshop in the series will connect students with local ag-entrepreneurs, who will serve as business mentors to students, offering the wisdom that only real world experience brings.

Series Description:

Workshop 1 – Entrepreneur Assessment & Ag-Business Basics
Saturday, MARCH 22ndt, 10am-2pm (lunch included)

During the first workshop, we’ll explore what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur through self-assessment and by learning from experienced entrepreneurs. We’ll review the various parts of starting and operating a business, and share ideas through a hands-on ag-business building activity.

Workshop 2 – Marketing & Operations
Saturday, MARCH 29th 10am-2pm (lunch included)

During the second workshop participants will explore the needs and desires of their customers and strategize ways to reach and satisfy them through their business. We’ll also explore various for-profit and non-profit legal structures and business roles and responsibilities. Students will start to create their business plan and continue work on it over the next two weeks.

Workshop 3 – Financials and Bringing it All Together
Saturday, APRIL 5th 10am-2pm (lunch included)

During the third workshop we’ll learn about cash flow, breakeven analysis, and enterprise budgets through hands-on work. We’ll review our business plan work to date and prepare to finish business plan drafts by the 4th and final workshop

Workshop 4 – Wisdom from Real World Entrepreneurs
Saturday, APRIL 12th, time & location TBA

During the final workshop we’ll invite local entrepreneurs to join our group and share their business stories. Guest entrepreneurs will listen to participant business ideas and give feedback and answer questions. Students who complete the 4-part series will leave with a business resource packet and a solid business plan to build upon.
Contact Ann Rose, GLAD Project Manager, to sign up. or call (336)-466-4790

All classes are in the Lansing Town hall building at the corner of D and B streets in the Lansing Tech class room. There are 6 available laptops for use by students and the room is WI-fi if you would like to bring your own laptop or iPad.

The new Lansing Computer Center features:

  • Public Computer Access
  • Basic Computer Classes
  • Small Business Development Training
  • Business Services: Printer, Fax, Copy and Scan


Located in
Lansing Town Hall
173 B Street
Lansing, NC 28643

For more information please call (336) 384-4000


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